Thursday, July 23, 2009


Gidget of Taco Bell commercial fame died on Tuesday at the age of 15. I'm a sucker for dog related marketing and surely ate many a Bean Burrito (no onions) in my day largely in part to her insanely cute antenna ears! 15 years is pretty amazing. Gidget must have lived a WAG-A-LOT lifestyle ... lots of exercise, grooming, quality food, fun & LOVE. In memory of Gidget, anyone who enters WAG-A-LOT today or tomorrow (July 23 & 24th) and says "Yo Quiero Taco Bell" will receive a free Pig's Ear for their dog's enjoyment. (Limit one per family).


I was recently lucky enough to manage some time off and was blown away by the travel deals everywhere to anywhere! I pulled together a trip of a lifetime to Indonesia (Bali & Java) for 60% off the rates I found when I researched this same trip one year ago. While money is certainly tight right now and we are all watching our spending ... experiences that might not normally be attainable ... just might be within your grasp right now ... a silver lining to a crummy economy. Here I am photographing my way across Java, capturing a truly spiritual moment of the Borobudur complex at sunrise. I know times are tough. But life is short and we all need to sieze the day in our own little or big way. Live a little. WAG-A-LOT!