Monday, December 27, 2010

A Holiday Poem from Team WAG-A-LOT!

I received the following poem from a WAG Specialist on Christmas Eve. Tammy did an amazing job of capturing the fun, joy and multitude of activities that go into every day shifts at WAG-A-LOT. What a great holiday gift for Schmoo and I ... to know that our TEAM loves what they do so much that they are even moved to get "poetic about it!"

T'was the night before Christmas at WAG-A-LOT Downtown,
The dogs were all barking and playing around.
Dayna & Holly made sure check-ins were complete,
Carlo & Tammy made sure all dogs had plenty to eat.
Jamie did laundry and gave them their meds,
Ivan made sure they all had clean beds.
Rory & Ashley gave baths and made them smell sweet,
Steven & Jamie gave them luches and ice cream treats.
Johnie & Carlo made sure they played all day,
And soon it was time for PM shit to begin their day.
Brian, Jess & Nick did check-ins, name tags and stats,
And all agreed Ivan rocks the ear flap hats.
Doug, Allison, and Deiane played with the dogs all afternoon,
While Candice danced in the yard singing a happy Holiday tune!
Krisin did rubdowns and snuggled them all,
Ivan took the boot camp dogs out to play ball.
After they were all fed and meds had been done,
Kelly & Chandra smiled and said great job everyone!
A final water check & rub down. It's bed time, lights out,
A Merry Christmas for the pups is what we're all about!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Welcome to MOE'S!

This past weekend dogs hanging out at the WAG-A-LOT Decatur location became stars for a day! The super yummy, successful burrito chain, Moe's Southwest Grill shot a soon to be released commercial in our lobby and grooming room. The location scouts were super impressed with our timeless, fun modern design and thought WAG-A-LOT would make an excellent spot for their new campaign. Hats off to Jennifer-Johnson Hunt, the WAG-A-LOT Decatur WAG Manager, for always keeping our lobby looking fantastic and full of super cool toys, collars, beds, etc and way tasty food, treats and chews!

Monday, December 6, 2010


You are a brilliant parent! You send your dog to the best day care in town. You occassionaly splurge and treat your k9 kid to a Boot Camp session or spa treatment. And no matter what you only feed them the high protien, all natural dog food that WAG-A-LOT carries.

But what about you? If you are at all like me, you occassionaly forget to care for yourself the same way you care for your dog. Meet Nichole ... my kick ass trainer! She is fantastic and has really hepled me keep some level of personal fitness focus during my first year as a Dad to one human and four canine kids. While she gladly trains men and women, she has a new program for the new year that she is offering to her lady clientel. I think she is pretty awesome and I wanted to pass her Cyber Monday special onto any interested WAG-A-LOT readers. Check out her link HERE. Life is short. Live a little ... WAG-A-LOT!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gavin passes the Elmo Temperament Test

On a trip to NYC for UNICEF last week, our family bumped into Elmo in Central Park! My 10 month old son Gavin lit up like a Christmas tree. He wanted nothing more than to pet and love on Elmo. I giant red furry monster in person scares many children of this age ... but not Gavin. His normal day involves navigating his 4 large dogs at home ... Schmoo, Cowboy Bob, Hank and Scooter. Just like our dogs' other buddies at WAG-A-LOT, Gavin has already been "socialized" to love all things furry. Enjoy the magic of the holidays!