Monday, December 6, 2010


You are a brilliant parent! You send your dog to the best day care in town. You occassionaly splurge and treat your k9 kid to a Boot Camp session or spa treatment. And no matter what you only feed them the high protien, all natural dog food that WAG-A-LOT carries.

But what about you? If you are at all like me, you occassionaly forget to care for yourself the same way you care for your dog. Meet Nichole ... my kick ass trainer! She is fantastic and has really hepled me keep some level of personal fitness focus during my first year as a Dad to one human and four canine kids. While she gladly trains men and women, she has a new program for the new year that she is offering to her lady clientel. I think she is pretty awesome and I wanted to pass her Cyber Monday special onto any interested WAG-A-LOT readers. Check out her link HERE. Life is short. Live a little ... WAG-A-LOT!

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