Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doggie Dreams

For 10 years now, soothing sounds have hepled us maintain a Zen like atmosphere during the night at WAG-A-LOT. We turn our XM radios to a Classical Station and pipe relaxing music throughout our facilities. This honestly helps our guests settle down and drift off to a restful sleep. The fact that they have just played for 10 hours doesn't hurt either. But the music does sooth the dogs and drowns out any unexpected noises outside of our buildings. With that said ... there is a great event tonight at the Atlanta Water Gardens ... an Atlanta Humane Society benefit and CD release party for George Skarlouis ... who has created a CD specifically for the relaxation and enjoyment of our DOGS. The Atlanta Humane Society has been using George's CD in their facility to calm dogs for some time now. FREE ADMISSION to this event ... and you could score a Spa Weekend Package at WAG-A-LOT if you play your cards right (we are a proud sponsor of this event)! Sweet sounds and dreams to you and your dog ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cupcakes & Dogs ... simple comforts!

Clearly I am partially to blame for the cupcake craze that has taken our nation by storm. I love this ultimate comfort food and have overly supported these desserts at many well known cupcake establishments across the country like Magnolia Bakery in NYC & Sprinkles in Los Angeles, CA. My favorite cupcakes, though, come from The Atlanta Cupcake Factory on North Highland right here in our "sweet" city. Go there immediately after reading this and get the "sugar cookie cupcake with salted carmel frosting" or the "rosemary with pine nut cupcake". The customer service here is amazing as well. The girl behind the counter explained to me that she loves her job because every customer that comes into the store is happy ... they are here to indulge in a simple little treat for themselves. I am sure my face lit up as I told her that I essentially pet dogs for a living and have the same sort of customer interaction. I have never met a dog owner I didn't like. And by definition dog lovers are simply good natured people. I have shared this story of great customer service and attitude with my Management Team ... and they love it. It inspires us to exceed expectations and it reminds us what a pleasure it is to have a meaningful job with "sweet" dogs and cool humans. Cupcakes, the ultimate comfort food. WAG-A-LOT, the ultimate comfort service. Find comfort during these "ruff" times and check out: .

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dog Whisperer's 5 Commandments

Men's Journal is one of those magazines I only seem to read when I am in the waiting room of a Doctor's office ... but the September 2009 edition caught my attention. It is titled, "Dog Owner's Manual." My K9 Kids tell me I am a great Dad all the time ... but that's because I feed them and give into begging and let them lick the syrup off my breakfast plate every morning. Even though I didn't technically learn anything new, I think it is great to be reminded that dogs' crave exercise, interaction & love. Men's Journal suggests remembering the Dog Whisperer's Five Commandments: (1) Walk your dog every day (or take them to Day Care); (2) Reward the Good, Ignore the Bad; (3) Don't overdo it ... have patience in training/reinforcement; (4) Say it like you mean it; (5) Be here now ... dog's don't hold grudges, neither should you ... focus on today.