Sunday, August 23, 2009

Doggie Dreams

For 10 years now, soothing sounds have hepled us maintain a Zen like atmosphere during the night at WAG-A-LOT. We turn our XM radios to a Classical Station and pipe relaxing music throughout our facilities. This honestly helps our guests settle down and drift off to a restful sleep. The fact that they have just played for 10 hours doesn't hurt either. But the music does sooth the dogs and drowns out any unexpected noises outside of our buildings. With that said ... there is a great event tonight at the Atlanta Water Gardens ... an Atlanta Humane Society benefit and CD release party for George Skarlouis ... who has created a CD specifically for the relaxation and enjoyment of our DOGS. The Atlanta Humane Society has been using George's CD in their facility to calm dogs for some time now. FREE ADMISSION to this event ... and you could score a Spa Weekend Package at WAG-A-LOT if you play your cards right (we are a proud sponsor of this event)! Sweet sounds and dreams to you and your dog ...

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